Welcome to the Eminent Buy RCI points Club. We are a much loved & respected Timeshare company established 29 years ago with 1,000's of RCI Points owners. We only buy and sell genuine RCI Points and have RCI Pure Points, RCI Next Generation Points and RCI Weeks you use as RCI Points and these have dual RCI Weeks and RCI Points memberships, giving you the best of both worlds. We sell RCI Points new, RCI Points resales and we have RCI Points for sale by owners. We actively and very succesfully re-sell RCI Points for our existing owners as well as for owners who bought elsewhere. Our base prices are in US $, To change the currency of our offers simply click the map icon above to choose US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros or British Pounds.

RCI Pure Points - Nice & Easy

50,000 RCI Pure points inc closing $1995 to own forever. MF $490

Like all our other types of RCI points they can be passed on to heirs, family and children or friends, resold or simply handed back. All RCI Points are the same to use with one big difference for ours, they cost so little to buy! As there is no property to get transferred into your name, you get a mucher faster purchase - Buy our brand new next generation RCI pure points with low yearly management fees of $490.

RCI Weeks Points - Top Deals

87,500 RCI Points inc closing $3095 to own forever. MF $570

Own at our excellent RCI Gold Crown all Villa resort that has over a 5 year track record of staying below inflation. There have been no management fee increases in the last 3 years and the fee is set to stay the same for the 2021. Buy our All Villa - All RCI Gold Crown Weeks and use them as RCI points with dual membership and low yearly management fees of $570.

RCI Points Buy And Sell RCI Points Timeshare

RCI Points work the same way wherever you purchase in the World, ALL our memberships run from your local office whether  in USA, Canada, Europe or the UK.

All our RCI Points ownerships are not only low cost but have low yearly fees(MF), as low as $245- cost just $1695, so you get the best deal whether buying the first time or adding more points to your RCI Points ownership. We are professional to deal with. We take No deposits and have a 14 day cooling off period with a full purchase disclosure. If you change your mind it's not a problem. No payment is to be made until you are happy and understand your purchase fully.

Payments Protected Through PayPal, we can list for you to buy straight away on Ebay with full Ebay purchase protection (we are 100% score on Ebay Timeshare), We are UK Government Approved, recommended and awarded, we are prestigious Which listed and recommended and preferred vendor of the Timeshare Consumers Association.

This means that you make your choice in the comfort of your own home - in your own time and know you are fully protected and buying the best deal securely and wisely.

When you buy from us we ensure that your annual fees are the lowest, making all your future vacations less expensive than other ownerships. At whatever level you want to be in RCI Points, we have an unbeatable package, low priced, low annual management fees and a resort held in trust for your security long term.

We have a full range of:  RCI Points, RCI Pure Points, RCI Next Generation Pure Points, RCI Weeks as points and RCI Platinum Points. We ensure you have low annual running costs. These annual resort strata or Resort management fees are the cost of your vacations from now on. Our fees are really low which is why we are so popular!

Our RCI Points deals are at very competitive rates with super low management fees. Many resorts we recommend are owner-run, the owners vote to choose the management company, set fees and approve decisions - much like a club. This option gives the owners maximum control of their investment.

Your RCI Points ownership runs from your local USA, Canadian, European or UK RCI Points Office and will save you a huge amount of money on your vacations, even compared to early-bird, last minute or ski show offers.

Why not buy your RCI Points now? You deserve it and with our RCI Points ownerships, staying there is a fraction of the usual costs. The whole point of our RCI Points Vacation Club Ownerships is to have sensational quality stays for great savings, whether it is a drive away in Whistler for a few days or down to Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean for a vacation to remember.

Buy RCI Pure Points

RCI Pure Points are RCI points without the hassle of buying a property. You buy your chosen level of points and pay the low managent fee every year.

These are fast to buy being ready to use and work the same wherever you live in the World.

Buy RCI Weeks As Points

We have a sensational range of weeks with high RCI Points values and very low management fees that lower your ownership running costs to a minimum.

Just the same to use as RCI Pure Points, lower yearly fees and First Priority at a range of Top RCI Gold Crown Quality Resorts.

Adding More RCI Points

If you are an existing owner you can add more RCI points easily and seamlessly to your existing account.

You can add eteither pure points or weeks as points and you can even choose Platinum Pure Points if you wish to upgrade your whole ownership.

Just A Few RCI Points Examples

Always the best deal at the best price. Established 29 years, UK Government Awarded, 100% On Ebay and prestigious Which Local Listed.

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